Reconciled Advanced - starting at $1,600/month

Reconciled Advanced utilizes either QuickBooks or Xero platforms. You can qualify for this level of service if you manage up to 7 bank or credit card accounts for your business.

Items included in Reconciled Advanced:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping

    • Monthly Reconciliations of listed number of accounts
    • Checking, Credit Cards, LOC, Savings, Money Market, and digital accounts like PayPal, Venmo, and other transaction accounts all count as “accounts” in the total number of accounts
    • Aggregate COGS
      • Monthly contract <$500 Clients: Client to provide monthly COGS entry if applicable
      • Monthly contract $500-$2000 Clients (includes PI proposals): (Cost of Goods Sold) entries using standard monthly COGS formula (starting inventory value + inventory purchase value – ending inventory value = COGS)
      • Monthly contract >$2000: Same as an above tier or if professional inventory system is used, Reconciled to manage feed
    • 24hr response time on bookkeeping questions via phone or email
  • Weekly Accounts Payable (up to 60 bills per month)

    • Receive bills via email
    • Enter bills into
    • Queue up payments to vendors based on bills received
    • Submit bills to financial decision-makers in the client preferred order of approver via interface
    • Bills must be approved in
    • Bills paid up to weekly on a predefined schedule (i.e. every Thursday)
  • Monthly advisory meetings with the Senior Accountant on your Reconciled team.

  • Accounts Receivable (up to 40 invoices per month)

    • Prepare invoices for client payment based on information provided by the client
    • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly invoicing based on client request
    • Retrieval of information relating to invoicing clients from the cloud-based system (i.e. pulling hours from cloud-based time tracking to prepare invoice)
    • Limited detail invoicing – Detail must be provided by the client for copy and paste or attachment of secondary PDF to Quickbooks Online Invoice
    • Up to weekly on a predefined schedule (i.e. every Thursday)
  • eCommerce Light – journal entry using client-provided data or single POS system with Reconciled team collecting data
  • Up to 5 sales platforms
  • Up to 5 payment processors


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